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Julia Pastrana, Mexican ‘Ape Woman,’ Buried After 150 Years

Julia Pastrana, Mexican 'Ape Woman,' Buried After 150 Years

An indigenous Mexican woman put on display in Victorian-era Europe because of a rare genetic condition that covered her face in thick hair was buried in her home state on Tuesday in a ceremony that ends one of the best-known episodes from an era when human bodies were treated as collectible specimens. With her hairy

10 false facts most people think are true

10 false facts most people think are true

Up until the late 16th century, everyone “knew” that the sun and planets revolved around the Earth. Up until the late 19th century, epidemic illnesses such as cholera and the plague were “known” to be caused by a poisonous mist filled with particles from rotting things. Up until the early 20th century, the most common

Truth about Anal Sex

Truth about Anal Sex

Any topic concerning anal sex is still considered a taboo in today’s society. We do not prefer talking about it and choose to remain largely uninformed. However, the inclination towards anal sex is quite substantial among couples nowadays. A recent study has revealed that about 40% to 45% couples have already tried or wish to

What may have caused Tutankhamun’s early death

What may have caused Tutankhamun's early death

The mysterious death of Tutankhamun as a teenager and the condition that cut short his life may also have triggered the earliest monotheistic religion, a new review of his family history has suggested. Since his lavishly furnished, nearly intact tomb was discovered in 1922, the cause of the Egyptian pharaoh’s death has been at the

AIDS Soup: Beijing’s Newest Delicacy?

AIDS Soup: Beijing's Newest Delicacy?

“I’ll have the AIDS soup,” I said. I’d seen bizarre offerings at restaurants across China, but this was the weirdest. Not just AIDS soup, but AIDS Soup with Sheep Placenta. That’s right… Sheep Placenta. It’s not a mistranslation, but a fine healing broth for those with “frail body, hepatosplenomegaly, and tuberculosis embolism.” It also features