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Will study of the Elephant Man’s skeleton reveal the cause of his extreme disfigurement 122 years after his death?

Joseph Merrick the Elephant Man and his skeleton which could hold the key to his condition

For over a century scientists have been baffled by what caused the terrible disfigurement of the Elephant Man Joseph Merrick. But now they will attempt to unlock the secret of his suffering by analysing DNA from his bones – and hope to finally diagnose his condition. Researchers intend to carry out tests next month to

Hero neighbor saves 7-year-old girl who fell from third-story window (video)

Hero neighbor saves 7-year-old girl who fell from third-story window

A seven-year-old Brooklyn girl is safe thanks to a fast-acting neighbor who came to her rescue. Keyla McCree crawled out of her window and was dancing and singing on top of an air conditioner before she tripped and fell from the ledge of the Coney Island Houses building. MTA bus driver Steve St Bernard, 52,

Shocking! Woman Eats Stones When She is Depressed!

Teresa Widener Eats Stones When She is Depressed

Everyone knows that women tend to have their little obsessions to which they stick when they feel depressed. Some like to eat chocolate, others to buy new shoes but Teresa Widener’s obsession is slightly different from others – she eats stones. The 45-year-old woman from Bedford, Virginia eats 1.5 kilograms of stones weekly, report from

Abandoned by her parents, “Little Monkey” schoolgirl who suffers from Werewolf Syndrome and is covered in hair finds new home

Liu Jiangli - Werewolf Syndrome

A schoolgirl who was abandoned by her family because she suffers from a rare condition that means her body and face are partially covered in black fur has been adopted. Liu Jiangli was just two when she was dumped at a nursery school – but carers had to appeal to her family through the local

Britain’s oldest 20-year-old man has the body of a 160-year-old due to rare condition

Europe’s oldest sufferer of a rare ageing disease has told how in just 20 years his body has become that of a 160-year-old. Dean Andrews’ body has aged eight times faster than normal due to a rare condition called Hutchinson-Gilford progeria. He is one of just four progeria sufferers in the UK and out of