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Computer vision syndrome

Computer vision syndrome

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) consists of a number of eye and vision problems associated with the frequent use of a computer or other electronic devices and develops in three-quarters of these users, the majority of whom are children. It is caused by long-term vision in the displays and insufficient tear secretion due to reduced blinking,

You Might No Longer Eat a Cheeseburger After This Video

You Might No Longer Eat a Cheeseburger After This Video

A team of the site Periodic Videos has decided to show the public how the decomposition process of MakDonald’s cheeseburger in our stomach looks. The process is similar to that which occurs during the digestion of food. For the purpose of their study enthusiasts have used concentrated hydrochloric acid that is an important ingredient in

Mutants: Chickens have never been bigger (video)

Mutants: The chickens have never been bigger

A study conducted in Canada shows how chickens looked 50 years ago and how they look today. The results are mildly shocking. The survey covers three breeds of broiler chickens common in 1957, 1978 and 2005 which clearly proves what the use of hormones and gene modification causes these feathered animals and which affects our

Signs of dehydration (not just thirst)

Headache, Signs of dehydration (not just thirst)

Many of us do not even suggest that they are dehydrated because they do not feel thirsty. In fact, there are other signs that show you are dehydrated. Headache Your body constantly loses fluids which means that it loses important salts responsible for the complete blood count. Too little fluid can cause blood pressure’s decrease

If you like Chinese food do not watch this video!

Chinese food - sewage oil

The video below shows one way of extracting cooking fat from Chinese street food vendors. Oil used by the Chinese coocing on the street is known as ‘sewage oil’. Extraction mixture comes literally from sewer manholes. Except that the process of collection is disgusting its ‘production’ is carcinogenic and brings great health risk. Producers of