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Indonesian’s bizarre ritual of digging up its dead to give them a wash, groom and dress them in new clothes (video)


This zombie-like ritual is called Ma’nene and takes place in Toraja in South Sulawesi. The Torajan people say the dead live in their hearts and minds. They dig up the mummified bodies of their dead relatives every few years and change their clothes and clean their bodies and crypts. Families even exhume children and babies.

A Woman Urinates in Front of Horrified Onlookers

A Woman Urinates in Front of Horrified Onlookers in Northampton

Unknown woman in Northampton suddenly put her two shopping bags on the ground, pulled down her pants and relieved herself in front of horrified onlookers last week. Police are trying to identify the woman pictured urinating on a busy high street without any sense of shame. One of the witnesses had snapped the woman with

Woman Robbed During Life Interview (Video)

Brazilian Woman Robbed During Life Interview

The woman was complaining about the lack of police last week when a thief attempted to snatch her gold necklace in broad daylight. The woman, who was not named, was speaking to RJTV about a lack of police when the mugger attacked. The man failed in his shot at snatching the necklace, breaking the chain

Man Addicted To Eating Bricks, Mud and Gravel (video)

Pakkirappa Hunagundi is addicted to eating bricks, gravel and mud

An Indian man says he is addicted to eating bricks, gravel and mud. Pakkirappa Hunagundi, 30, first developed a taste for the non-edible objects when he was 10. Ever since he says he has consumed up to three kilos of debris a day found lying in his village in Karnataka, India. But despite his strange

Living dead: These people have risen from the grave

Toraja walking dead

There are many strange and unexplained cases in which people were declared dead, but after a few hours or days went back to life. Some of us would consider that is a part of God, while others argue that there is a scientific and medical explanation. Walter Williams (USA) 78-year-old Walter from Mississippi died late