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Painful Marriage Proposal: Brazilian Puts Wedding Ring on His Penis and… (Video)

Brazilian Puts Wedding Ring on His Penis

A Brazilian had decided to ask for his girlfriend’s hand in a rather unusual way, but he had not guessed this will end badly. Namely, the young man whose name is not mentioned, had this crazy idea to ask his girlfriend to marry him putting the wedding ring on his penis. But he was completely

Wedding Cake: Till death do us part

Wedding Cake: Till death do us part

Lately we have heard or read on the internet about many strange things. We already know the latest trends are for celebration not only of marriage and also of divorce. A bridal couple from Austin, Texas, literally shocked by its extravagance and bizarre interpretation of the words ‘Till death do us part’. Instead of the

German Groom has forgotten his Bride at a Gas Station

German Groom has forgotten his Bride at Gas Station

Ever since got married a German made ​​a huge mistake. He forgot his brand new wife at the gas station. Unfortunate groom realized his bride was not in the car after two hours driving. She had decided to use the toilet but he drove off before she returned thinking she slept in the back. ‘My

9 Marriage Myths – Debunked

9 Marriage Myths - Debunked

Any husband or wife will tell you that when it comes to marriage, you can’t always believe what you hear. Whether it’s that getting hitched will turn your sex life sour, or that walking down the aisle can turn a slob into a neat-freak, it’s safe to say that marriage myths abound. And they can

The deadliest marriage proposal (video)

The deadliest marriage proposal

A Russian woman will hardly ever forget a marriage proposal, which she was groomed by her boyfriend. 30-year-old Russian businessman Alexei Boykov long wondered how to propose to his longtime girlfriend. Finally he figured out what his girlfriend was not even dream of. Or maybe she was dreaming, but at worst nightmares. Alexei was covered