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Can alcohol make men smarter? Study suggests yes

Men, for your next date, you might want to suggest a casual meeting at a local bar or pub. Recent research shows that men become better at creative problem solving after they consume alcohol. Although some people believe that alcohol can inhibit your normal thinking processes, the study from the University of Illinois showed that

The secrets your body reveals about you

Your body hides amazing facts about your health and personality… uncover those secrets. Eyes Blue eyes: People with blue or light-coloured eyes generally have been shown to be more light sensitive. This is because they have less pigment to protect them from sunlight, putting them at greater risk from age-related macular degeneration (the most common

Women Spend 3 Hours a Week Re-Doing Chores Done… By Men

The battle of the sexes rages on! A survey says that while men are trying to do more to help out around the house, they’re really not doing so well at it. That’s right, though men are stepping up more often to responsibilities in the domestic arena, it’s not really making things easier on the

New cause for male pattern baldness discovered: Is cure next?

Men who lament the fact that they no longer have hair on their head may have some good news. Researchers have discovered a new potential cause that may help them get to the root of male pattern baldness. A study published in the March 21 issue of Science Translational Medicine, found men who had a