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The New Canadian Passports

The new Canadian ePassports

New Canada’s ePassports have very interesting design and have been available to all Canadians since July 1, 2013. The new Canadian ePassports include electronic chips with facial recognition information and are full of iconic images that make them more attractive and more secure. These images showcase Canada‚Äôs history including Aboriginal people, the Centre block of

Instead Mouse: Computer is Commanded by Gesture Control Bracelet (video)

MYO Thalmic Labs

Startup company ‘Thalmic Labs’ plans to launch its product ‘Myo’ — a bracelet that allows you to manage your computer in a very specific way. Sensors in the device measure the electrical activity in the hand movements and recognize what we command. This is the future of human-computer interaction and the way the computer interface

Shocking Road Safety advert (video)

Shocking Road Safety advert

The Road Safety Office at the Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland has launched an advert titled ‘Classroom’ which is so brutal that its broadcast on television is prohibited before 9 pm. The video shows a young driver speeding along a road and loosing control of the car whih flips and lands on a

Shocking reality show: Films women while give birth in nature (video)

Reality show Born in the Wild films women giving birth with no help from doctors

American cable and satellite television channel Lifetime started filming a reality show “Born in the Wild” which literally shocked the world. The program will show women giving birth in the wild with no doctors’ help and facilities. This show was inspired by the Simone’s video, a woman who had chosen to give birth in nature.

This is a friend: Cat saves child from vicious dog (video)

Cat saves child from vicious dog

Dogs are usually known as heroes who save children from abusers, fire or other trouble. But this video proves that quiet cats also have great courage when needed. In YouTube a video clip appeared which showed how a fearless cat defended a toddler from a vicious dog. A video footage from security camera showed the