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The Pregnant Man splits from his wife just as he finalises his female to male gender surgery

Thomas Beatie who is known across the world as ‘The Pregnant Man’ has announced his split from his wife of nine years. Thomas Beatie, 38, revealed the breakup from his wife Nancy during a taping of the syndicated CBS show ‘The Doctors’. He also admitted during the interview that he had undergone his final gender

Obese women ‘could be increasing risk of having a child with autism’

Obesity during pregnancy may increase chances for having a child with autism, provocative new research suggests. It’s among the first studies linking the two, and though it doesn’t prove obesity causes autism, the authors say their results raise public health concerns because of the high level of obesity in this country. Study women who were

Stop a weak bladder from ruling your life

Urinary incontinence is an occupational hazard for women. The aftermath of pregnancy can be quite a physical burden for some – weight gain, droopy breasts, a painful episiotomy scar and urinary incontinence. The latter is always on the horizon. One in four women get it and it’s a nuisance, an embarrassment and hardly anyone talks

World-first lung surgery while she was still in her mother’s WOMB

World-first lung surgery

A baby’s life was saved by pioneering surgery after doctors carried out an operation on her lungs while she was still in her mother’s womb. Alaitz Corominas, from Spain, is now a happy and healthy toddler after becoming the world’s first foetus to undergo the procedure three months before she was due to be born.