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Bicycling Hurts Sexual Health For Some Women

Sitting for long periods of time on a bicycle seat has been linked to erectile dysfunction in men and now a new study says it doesn’t do much for woman’s sexual health either. Bike seats are designed so that the riders body weight typically rests on the hose of the seat, that weight can cause

Does traditional Chinese medicine have a place in the health system?

Most of traditional healing practices are based on intuitive principles of diseases involving the imbalance of elemental qualities. For the ancient Greeks and Romans, whose systems of traditional healing were accepted in Europe until the scientific revolution, these elements were the four bodily fluids or humours. Each corresponded to the four fundamental elements of the

Heart Attack Recovery Could Be Improved By Drinking… Sort Of

“Take two shots of Jack and call me in the morning” doesn’t exactly seem like sound medical advice after a heart attack (in modern parlance, in fact, heart attacks are generally associated with a reduction in pleasurable activities like fried chicken, smoking cigarettes and sexing), but new research reveals that boozing it up may be

Sleep Apnea, Depression Linked in New Study

If you’ve ever struggled with insomnia (“it’s like a copy of a copy of a copy”), you probably are familiar with the impact of sleeplessness on your mental well-being- and if you’ve ever been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you know that sufferers often struggle to get a good night’s sleep. So it probably didn’t come

Cancer warning for women who like a glass of wine or three

They are the problem drinkers missed by government efforts to curb alcohol misuse – women, often middle-class and professional, who share a bottle of wine with a partner over dinner each night, putting their health at risk. Unnoticed because they do not cause a social nuisance or public disorder, women who quietly drink three or