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New cause for male pattern baldness discovered: Is cure next?

Men who lament the fact that they no longer have hair on their head may have some good news. Researchers have discovered a new potential cause that may help them get to the root of male pattern baldness. A study published in the March 21 issue of Science Translational Medicine, found men who had a

Aspirin may halt cancer spread


Aspirin, the most versatile drug in the pharmacy, which is already known to prevent cancer, may also be an effective treatment for halting the disease once it has started. An analysis of five large trials of people who took a daily low dose aspirin showed that among those who developed cancer it reduced its spread

Worked to death? 10 jobs that may hurt your heart

10 jobs that may hurt your heart

Although most people don’t think of heart disease as an occupational hazard, certain characteristics of your job may be upping your risk for heart attacks and other problems. Some work-related factors – such as sitting long hours at a desk, stress, irregular work hours, and exposure to certain chemicals or pollution – could also harm