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Computer vision syndrome

Computer vision syndrome

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) consists of a number of eye and vision problems associated with the frequent use of a computer or other electronic devices and develops in three-quarters of these users, the majority of whom are children. It is caused by long-term vision in the displays and insufficient tear secretion due to reduced blinking,

The New Canadian Passports

The new Canadian ePassports

New Canada’s ePassports have very interesting design and have been available to all Canadians since July 1, 2013. The new Canadian ePassports include electronic chips with facial recognition information and are full of iconic images that make them more attractive and more secure. These images showcase Canada‚Äôs history including Aboriginal people, the Centre block of

Instead Mouse: Computer is Commanded by Gesture Control Bracelet (video)

MYO Thalmic Labs

Startup company ‘Thalmic Labs’ plans to launch its product ‘Myo’ — a bracelet that allows you to manage your computer in a very specific way. Sensors in the device measure the electrical activity in the hand movements and recognize what we command. This is the future of human-computer interaction and the way the computer interface

Mystery Revealed: How does the dishwasher work (video)

Mystery Revealed: How does the dishwasher work (video)

Have you ever been curious about what happens inside the dishwasher and how it works in practice. Unlike washing machines in which a glass encloses washing process, the operation of dishwashers was ever pure mystery. An owner of such a machine has decided to meet his curiosity. He put inside it two light sources reflecting

Facebook, Trend Micro and F-Secure will clean up your computer from viruses

Facebook, Trend Micro and F-Secure will clean your computer from viruses

Facebook has teamed up with companies Trend Micro and F-Secure — developers of antivirus and other security software — to integrate their technologies into its social network. The idea is to detect and remove Malware (short for Malicious software) if the user’s computer is infected. When a user logs in from an infected machine a