Terrifying sequel to the Ghost Girl In The Lift prank (and this time it features a COFFIN) – video

Terrifying sequel to the Ghost Girl In The Lift prank (and this time it features a COFFIN)

The Brazilian television show that put a screaming, ghost girl in a lift with unsuspecting victims has now created an even more spooky prank.

In their latest stunt the victims are now stuck in the lift with a coffin which springs open, revealing a ‘corpse’ that comes to life in a terrifying fashion.

The set-up is the latest macabre prank by presenter Silvio Santos on his popular television show. In the video, which has already gone viral with over 3 million views, three men are shown loading a coffin into a lift.

But as two of them return with a large wreath the lift doors slide shut and the horrified occupants are trapped inside with the coffin.

As the lift gives the impression of moving – it is really just stationary – it suddenly grinds to a halt. The lights flicker as the power goes out and then the coffin lid springs open, revealing a small elderly man.

The ‘victims’ scream, shout and bang on the level buttons in a desperate bid to attract attention and escape as the corpse ‘comes to life’, swinging its arms and moaning. When she enters the lift, one unsuspecting girl is staring nervously at the coffin before anything even happens.

When the lid swings open she lets out a blood-curling scream and bangs on the metal door with her fist before bursting into hysterical tears. She is so terrified of the moving corpse that she jumps up and down, flapping her hands around and when the doors eventually open she is inconsolable as she scurries away.

Another young woman receives the same treatment, but curls up into a small ball in the corner of the lift when the ‘corpse’ leaves the coffin and drags himself across the floor. When he reaches out to touch her, she manically bats him away as she screams.

One man is so distraught that he pulls open the lift doors with his fingers and runs out in the reception, tripping across the wreath in his haste.

When a woman and a teenage girl experience the moving corpse they run around the lift screaming and bumping into each other.

There’s another unlikely comedy moment when the coffin tumbles over, as the corpse tries to escape.

A highlight is when a boy and his girlfriend get into the life. They stare at the wooden box with their backs against the lift wall before anything even happens.

But when the corpse springs into life, the boy grabs his girlfriend and uses her as a human shield.

When the lift door eventually opens the pair try and tell the undertakers the corpse is alive, but they poke the body and he does not respond. Then suddenly he ‘awakes’ and the foursome run from the lift screaming.

The video is the second offering from the show – previously they put a small ghost girl in a lift with victims and she appeared from the walls when the lift stopped. It was billed by many as one of the scariest television pranks to ever be aired.

source: dailymail.co.uk

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