The deadliest marriage proposal (video)

The deadliest marriage proposal

A Russian woman will hardly ever forget a marriage proposal, which she was groomed by her boyfriend.

30-year-old Russian businessman Alexei Boykov long wondered how to propose to his longtime girlfriend. Finally he figured out what his girlfriend was not even dream of. Or maybe she was dreaming, but at worst nightmares.

Alexei was covered from head to toe with fake paint imitating blood. He called his friends to create confusion and parked several cars, including an ambulance and police car.

“When I arrived, there were around cars, an ambulance, smoke and madness. Then I saw Alexei, the whole covered in blood, lying on the road. A paramedic told me that he was dead and I burst out into tears”, said the woman.

When Alexei was convinced that his plan goes smoothly, he rose from the dead and offered his girlfriend to marry him.

Here is the explanation of Alexei, “I wanted her to realize how futile would be the world without my existence and how her life without me will have no direction. I got that, but promised not to do this to her anymore.”

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