The greatest portrait ever made of stone, wood and grass (video)

Jorge Rodriguez, Wish

Art can be different and today we are witnesses of not only its huge development but also of the most unusual places and materials used by artists to achieve their objectives.

Proof of this is impressive work of Jorge Rodriguez-Herada made ​​in Belfast of wood, soil, sand, grass, stones and visible only from the air. It is a portrait of a little local girl photographed by the artist in the process of making a wish for the future.

Rodriguez’s work named ‘Wish’ has spanned at a area of ​​11 acres and made of 30,000 wooden stakes, 2,000 tonnes of soil and 2,000 tonnes of sand. It took four weeks of hard work of the team.

The result is quite inspiring and it is one of the biggest portraits in the world ever made.

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