Top 15 Most Violent Serial Killers

Top 15 Most Violent Serial Killers - Countess Erzsébet Báthory

While as a general rule of thumb the serial killers receive widespread condemnation for their deeds, there is no denying that their lives, their thinking, their motives, their methods and everything else related to the way the serial killers were, creates undying fascination. Books about serial killers existed since the invention of press and will continue being published because the more messed in their head the killer was, the more people would like to read about it.

15. Bloody Benders (USA)
Bloody Benders was the nick name given to the Benders family from Labette County in Kansas, USA. The Benders owned and operated a small general store with inn for travellers striding off the beaten path. The patrons were mostly rich men, 11 of whom were brutally murdered by the family while staying in Wayside Inn.

Within the inn, the Benders had a large room divided in the middle by the curtain. When a rich man paid them a visit, they offered him a seat of honor which had him turn his back to the curtain. Realizing that a lone male traveller would not resist the charm of a young woman pretending to be all into him, Kate Bender, the daughter of inn’s owner John Bender was set to keep the guest distracted by seducing him while John Bender, or his son John Jr. would come from behind the curtain and smash the man’s head with a hammer (Kate must have loved the feel of fresh brain running down her face).

Bloody Benders would then take the body down to the cellar where they would slit its throat to ensure it somehow doesn’t come back to life (did anyone else think of Johnny from The Shining reading this?) and strip it of all his clothes and belongings. The corpse was then buried in the backyard. Despite serial killings, Bloody Benders were never captured to pay for their crimes.

The story of Bloody Benders inspired several popular culture movies and novels. Some of the most notable are the Ken Hodgson novel Hell Benders (1999), a novel by Lyle Brandt titled Massacre Trail (2009), the Scott Phillips novel Cottonwood (2004), the Manly Wade Wellman novel Candle of the Wicked (1960), and They Bite (1943) by Anthony Boucher.

14. Cannibal Brothers Shen Changyin and Shen Changping (China)
Shen Changyin and Shen Changping started a business selling Lanzhou auto parts but it didn’t go very well. Faced with severe financial loss, they teamed up with three women (victims who promised to get them more victims if they spare them) and embarked on a new business model – serial killers. Within less than a year – between June 2003 and August 2004 – the five had killed 11 prostitutes whose livers and/or kidneys they cut out and cooked as food. This earned them the name of Cannibal Brothers. The corpses were then burned with Sulphuric Acid and flushed down the toilet.

Chinese authorities soon traced the serial killers down and apprehended them, including their female accomplices. The brothers as well as one of the women were sentenced to death, the other two women were sentenced to 20 and 3 years in jail.

13. Ted Bundy (USA)
Ted Bundy is one of the most recognizable names among serial killers. With over 30 murders below his belt, he’s also one of the most prolific ones. Ted Bundy’s victims were white, middle class women between 15 and 25 years of age who wore hairstyles or otherwise looked similar to his fiancée Stephanie Brooks.

One notable characteristics of Ted Bundy was that he collected heads of his victims as souvenirs. He also raped his victims both while they were alive and when the spark of life went bye bye making him our first necrophiliac on the list of top 15 most violent serial killers.

Ted Bundy was executed by electric chair according to the law of the state of Florida in 1989.

12. Dennis Nilsen aka The Kindly Killer, aka Muswell Hill Murderer (England)
Dennis Nilsen is the first serial killer on our list who was gay. He is believed to have killed at least 15 men, including underaged boys during his killing spree between 1978 and 1983. To continue having sex with his victims, Dennis Nilsen didn’t dispose of the corpses but kept them in his home. That didn’t go without chunks of rotting flesh falling off which he would casually flush down the drain. This lead to his demise (take notes if you’re looking for a career as a serial killer – don’t let your victims’ body parts clog up the sewage system in your neighbourhood).

Drain blockage resulted in deployment of drain cleaning crew and a discovery of human remains with traces leading to the home of Dennis Nilsen. The police apprehended the serial killer who was handed a 25 years prison sentence. The sentence was later amended into life in prison.

11. David and Catherine Birnie of the Moorhouse Murders (Australia)
David and Catherine Birnie – a couple from down under kidnapped and abducted 5 women during their productive years in the 1980′s. The youngest one was mere 15 years old. Until the death found them, the kidnapped women were repeatedly raped and brutally tortured before being buried in the forest. All of them but one. The last one – 17 year old Kate Moir managed to escape and alerted the police. Not an end a serial killer would wish for.

Both David and Catherine were handed down a life sentence for each of the victims they’d killed. I suppose if we had the means to know which new born boy is a resurrected David Birnie, he would be thrown in jail right after birth and sit there locked up until death and this whole process repeated three times. And yes, David Birnie is dead. He could not live with guilt and committed suicide by hanging himself to death in his prison cell in 2005. Catherine is still behind bars with strict orders from the judge to never, under any circumstances be released.

10. Dean Arnold Corll aka The Candy Man (USA)
Another homosexual serial killer – Dean Arnold Corll teamed up with David Brooks and Elmer Wayne Henley whom he paid $200 each to find him potential victims. 27 young men died in the hands of this serial killer in a case that became known as “Houston Mass Murders”. Everything went fine for him until one day, one of his accomplices could not take it anymore and killed the serial killer. That’s just about what you could call “justified killing”. Seriously, why do people kill innocent people? If you’re gonna murder someone, why don’t you pick a filth of the earth. Some scumbag the police can’t touch because of connections or power or whatever. If you’re gonna kill, make it worthwhile and earn yourself some potentially positive karma points.

9. Ahmad Suradji (Indonesia)
During his 11 years of acting as a witch doctor, Ahmad Suradji killed 42 women. He had quite a ritual he followed – first he would bury the victims up to their waists and then slowly strangle them till they couldn’t yap anymore. Indonesia is the most populated Muslim country in the world with ridiculously incompetent police force so it took the police a while to get to the killer even though he wasn’t overly secretive about his murders.

In his confession, Ahmad Suradji told the police that he was killing those women because the ghost of his father who appeared in his dream instructed him to do so. Killing and drinking saliva of killed women, according to his father’s ghost was the surest way for Ahmad Suradji to become a mystic healer. He was executed by Indonesian firing squad on July 10, 2008.

8. Alexander Pichushkin aka Chessboard Killer aka The Bitsa Park Maniac (Russia)
Alexander Pichushkin was a unique breed of serial killer. His primary victims were homeless men living in Bitsa Park in southern Moscow. A total of 49 people died in the hands of Alexander Pichushkin as he was trying to catch up with Andrei Chikatilo – Russia’s most notorious serial killer who was convicted of killing 52 people. In a bid to outdo Andrei Chikatilo, Alexander Pichushkin asked the court to add 11 victims to the count of people he killed, bringing his total death toll to 60.

His preferred method of killing was by smashing the head of the victim with a hammer from the back. He said doing it this way prevented the victim’s blood from spraying all over his face. Alexander Pichushkin was sentenced to a lifetime in prison with the first 15 years served in solitary confinement.

7. Gary Leon Ridgway aka The Green River Killer (USA)
The first 5 victims of Gary Leon Ridgway were found by the Green River earning him the name of the Green River Killer. He specialized in killing female prostitutes and made a statement that killing bitches was his career (he didn’t specifically use the word “bitches” but I betcha he must have thought that).

Gary Leon Ridgway was found guilty of aggravated assault and first degree murder of 48 women for which he was sentenced to life in prison with no parole.

6. Andrei Chikatilo aka The Red Ripper aka The Rostov Ripper (Russia)
Andrei Chikatilo is hands down the most notorious serial killer to have come from Soviet Russia (present day Ukraine). Guilty of killing 53 people, both men and women (including children) for sexual gratification, Andrei Chikatilo killed their victims in a variety of ways, but never spared any of them off mutilation. He was executed by fire squad on February 14, 1994.

5. Yang Xinhai aka Monster Killer (China)
Famous serial killer from China – Yang Xinhai committed 65 murders and 23 rapes between 1999 and 2003. What got him busted was his DNA sample. As it goes in China, Yang Xinhai was executed by a gunshot to the back of his head.

4. Carl Eugene Watts aka Coral (USA)
Carl Eugene Watts is our first African American serial killer. He is believed to have killed more than 100 women, all of whom were white. Not being too picky about his victim’s age, some of the women Carl Eugene Watts killed were mere 14 years old while others were 44.

Carl Eugene Watts committed his first murder in 1974 when he was only 20 years old. He would kidnap his victims from their homes and subject them to systematic torture before delivering final blow.

After apprehension, Carl Eugene Watts originally confessed to murdering 12 women but changed his confession to 40 murder victims later. Subsequent confessions implied that there may have been more than 80 victims. While exact number has never been certain, the police suspect that Carl Eugene Watts was behind at least 90 unsolved murders with some speculating that the number exceeds 100, which would make him the most prolific serial killer in American history.

Carl Eugene Watts died of prostate cancer while serving his two life sentences in Michigan prison.

3. Luis Garavito aka The Beast (Colombia)
Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos admitted to raping and murdering 140 young boys but after he draw a map of the locations of the remains of his victims, it became clear that there could be more than 300 boys whose life ended in the hands of this serial killer. Luis Garavito didn’t spend much time torturing his victims. He would just violently rape them and then slit their throats.

Due to weak Colombian laws, no one can be sentenced to more than 30 years in prison, yet because Luis Garavito assisted the authorities in locating the corpses, his time was reduced to 22 years. Since he was apprehended in 1999, unless Colombian prosecutors find a way to keep him in jail, he could be out in 10 years.

2. Countess Erzsébet Báthory aka Blood Countess (Hungry)
When talking about the most violent serial killers, we can’t avoid mentioning some of the cruellest individuals from history. Erzsébet Báthory was a Hungarian countess notorious for slaughtering at least 600 young virgin girls whom she’d drain of blood so she could bathe in it to improve her complexion and maintain youthful appearance. Given high count of victims, Elizabeth Bathory is considered to be the most prolific female serial killer in history.

While Erzsébet Báthory was never tried, her accomplices were executed and the countess herself sent to spend the rest of her life under house arrest. She died after four years of living bricked in a set of rooms within her own castle (Cachtice Castle in present day Slovakia).

1. Thug Behram (India)
Thug Behram was a member of Indian Thuggee cult and is widely considered to be one of the most prolific serial killers of all time. Between 1790 and 1840, Thug Behram is believed to have strangulated 931 people to death with a ceremony cloth.

According to an investigation by an East India Trading Company officer James Patton, Thug Behram only personally killed 125 men, but was present during the killing of 931. The Thuggee cult as a whole is believed to be responsible for deaths of up to million people. English word “thug” is derived from the name of the cult.


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