Truth about Anal Sex

Truth about Anal Sex

Any topic concerning anal sex is still considered a taboo in today’s society. We do not prefer talking about it and choose to remain largely uninformed.

However, the inclination towards anal sex is quite substantial among couples nowadays. A recent study has revealed that about 40% to 45% couples have already tried or wish to try anal sex at least once during the course of their conjugal lives. For successful and safe encounter, we need to be aware of certain facts revealing the truth about anal sex.

Truth about Anal Sex

  • First, you need to appreciate that anal sex is essentially different from the regular vaginal intercourse and foreplay session. Therefore, incorporating it as an option will require some preparation. Make sure you discuss your intentions with your partner, before embarking on it. Both of you should mutually agree to this experience, for a pleasurable encounter. In case there are inhibitions, you would need to iron them out first.
  • Another truth about anal sex is that, you would definitely require additional lubrication in the form of lubes, oils and the likes. Unlike the vagina, the anus will not secrete natural lubricants when you orgasm. Therefore, external assistance would be required. Make sure you are generous in your usage, especially during the initial attempts.
  • If your partner happens to be allergic to lubes, you could consult your doctor or a sexologist for natural alternatives.
  • Do not use any numbing or desensitising creams during the course of anal sex. Always remember, that the inner lining of the anus is extremely sensitive. It is also excessively prone to damage and tearing. Any painful sensation experienced by the female partner should be considered as a signal for immediate withdrawal. Numbing creams may eliminate such sensations, leading to serious damages in the process.
  • Always make sure you initiate the process with modest beginnings when it comes to anal sex. Using a well lubricated finger should be the ideal way to begin. In case pain is experienced, you can always withdraw and try again another time. Be cautious and caring to ensure both the partners have a pleasurable experience.

There is nothing wrong in getting adventurous with your sex life. However, the truth about anal sex requires you to be extra precautions at all times. Considering the needs and wants of your partner when determining your preferences will ensure a healthy and mutually rewarding sex life.


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