Whale Explodes As Biologist Tries To Cut It Open (video)

Whale Explodes As Biologist Tries To Cut It Open

It is a job no man would envy.
A biologist has been filmed trying to cut open a whale carcass which exploded all over him.

The whale was one of two which died last week after being beached in the Faroe Islands. The creatures died after becoming trapped in a narrow channel and residents wanted to use the skeleton of one for the local museum.

As soon as the biologist began cutting open the whale carcass, the gas trapped inside exploded, spewing tons of organs and guts into the air. The main part of the huge blast just missed him.

The animal was more than two days old when scientists took it so they knew there would be some pressure on the inside, but nothing like what happened.

Despite the gory incident, the locals are still determined to put the skeleton in their museum as a reminder of their culture, and they are already busy cutting up the remains of the carcass. The whale’s flesh will be thrown away.

source: youtube.com

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