What Your Eye Color Means

What Your Eye Color Means

People inherit eye color from their parent’s DNA. DNA determines the amount of pigment in our eyes and their pattern, according to Sewanee University. You can also accurately predict a child’s eye color from the parent’s eyes.

The brightness of eyes depend on the amount of melanin in eye pigment. Eye color changes as we grow; toddlers often have blue eyes because the body takes a while to start producing melanin.

A survey taken by CyberPulse shows that people sometimes correlate certain eye colors with personality traits. It should be noted that this survey does not establish a scientific link between personality and eye color and is for entertainment purposes.

Some respondents of the survey chose certain traits for eye colors significantly more than others. Brown eyes, for example, had 34 percent of people associate the color with intelligence. Blue eyes exude sweetness, believe 42 percent of participants.

source: onlinenews.ge

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