Widow sets up bed, computer, even cooker in husband’s tomb

Widow sets up bed, computer, even cooker in husband's tomb

An Argentine widow spent days in her late husband’s tomb, setting up a bed, internet access and even a small cooker next to his coffin, officials said Thursday.

“Police found Adriana Villareal had carried out some work in the tomb holding her husband’s coffin. She had a radio, a computer, internet, a chair and a small cooker,” said local police commissioner Gustavo Braganza.

She even greeted policemen in her pajamas when they went to see what was going on in the San Lazaro cemetery in northeastern Dos de Mayo.

“They could see the coffin and the embalmed body,” Mr Braganza said, referring to her husband, Sergio Yede, who died in 2010 at the age of 28.

Ms Villareal, 43, who lives in Buenos Aires, told police she visited her husband “three times a year and stayed three or four nights there and cooked herself something.”

“When you love someone, you do all sorts of things,” she explained on the website www.misionesonline.net. “My husband deserved it and still does,” she added.

“Someone who can sleep next to a corpse is probably not quite right,” offered Mr Braganza.

source: news.com.au

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