World’s Oldest Prostitute Turns 96 Years Old

World’s Oldest Prostitute Turns 96 Years Old

Milly Cooper makes 50,000 UK Pounds per yer by being a prostitute. She started doing it since the end of the Second Wold War, and, until now, she slept with 3,500 men, with ages between 29 and 99. Now she only has two clients per week, according to The Daily mail.

“Nowadays girls have big breasts, they are very thin and they walk around half naked. This industry has become dirtier. At least I keep my standards. I alwaysdress up, and my clients are real gentlemen” Milly Cooper says.

When she was 27, Milly married a rich american and moved from the East Endneighborhood in London to Las Vegas, US. After he died, in 1945, she become a single mother. She did not had a stable income to support her daughter.

So she started to work as a showgirl and she then accepted to provide escort services. Later, she become a matron, looking after 10 girls and she continued to do so even after she got married again, with an accountant in 1955.

Although he left her a lot of money through his will, Milly Cooper wanted to ensure that she always has an income source, so she returned to her job as a prostitute, after a break that lasted for 25 years. And she continues to “work” even today.


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