World’s strangest New Year’s Eve customs

World's strangest New Year's Eve customs

People around the world have different traditions in welcoming the New Year. See the five most bizarre of them.

1. New Year with the deceased relatives – Talca, Chile
The strangest of all traditions is emblematic of the Chilean town of Talca, where revelers gather at the graves of their relatives to welcome the New Year in their company. According to tradition, this custom was started by a local family that went to the cemetery because wished to be close to relatives while the old year left. Nowadays, personally mayor of Talca opens the graveyard gates at 11pm on New Year’s Eve to allow the locals to begin morbid party.

2. Ritual throwing old furniture out of the window – Johannesburg, South Africa
No less strange is the custom observed in South Africa where old and useless furniture is thrown out the window of the house in New Year’s Eve. This tradition makes a lot of “headaches” of local utility services.

3. Ice bathing with a tree – Siberia, Russia
Tradition in Siberia before coming of the New Year is ritual bathing in the Lake Baikal. People cut a hole in the ice covering the lake and dive to the bottom while carrying a New Year’s tree.

4. Vikings Parade – Edinburgh, Scotland
Scots are not too happy with the fact that their Viking parade occupies such a weak position in the list of the world’s oddities. Which may be justified: can you imagine the celebration of the New Year in the company of crazy Vikings who walk the streets in the dark holding fiery torches in their hands.

5. Banging old bread on the wall – Dublin, Ireland
The last custom in the top five comes from Ireland. In the New Year’s Eve people have to hit the wall of the house with old bread to drive away evil spirits and bring good luck.

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