Yaeba aka Snaggle Tooth Gains popularity in Japan

Yaeba aka Snaggle Tooth Gains popularity in Japan

While most cultures have gained an attachment to perfection when it comes to teeth, in Japan, girls are finding snaggle teeth to be preferable.

Yaeba actually means double tooth, it’s used to describe a dental oddity that occurs when two molars crowd the canines and create an effect of one of the teeth being pushed forward and another back. It occurs naturally because of a delay in baby teeth, or a mouth is abnormally small for the size of the teeth, creating crowding.

We actually have seen snaggle tooth occur in American celebrities. Kirsten Dunst for example, loves her snaggle teeth and it is now seen to be part of her image. Avril Lavigne has something similar going on with her teeth, causing her canines to appear slightly crooked.

Part of the popularity is because of celebrities having kept their yaeba teeth; it also offers a youth like appearance. The most popular reason people give is that it makes girls seem approachable and less than perfect, so men prefer it and it is the actual driving force.

It’s gotten so popular, people have actually have had surgery to have the effect in their own teeth, and often creating fake plastic fronts they affix to their real teeth to create the snaggle tooth effect. While I would often worry about tooth crowding, this seems to be occurring to a degree that isn’t that hard on the teeth as long as they are still taken care of. Also, because they are artificial, they lack the pain that typically occurs with tooth crowding. In order to achieve Yaeba effect, Japanese dentists have developed a method to change the mouth using artificial teeth called Tsuke-yaeba (stick-on crooked teeth). They are affixed to the natural teeth with non-permanent glue and color-matched to the patient’s real teeth. They only cost about $390 USD.

While this is often thought of as a fad, this has actually been casually popular and unpopular in Japan over the years, and I doubt it will be going anywhere anytime soon. As long as it is celebrated by celebrities and it is seen as a useful appearance, I think it will stick around to some degree. Remember, this is also a way for people to display their wealth, as it creates another signature to function as a gap between the middle class.

source: dentaldynamicsonline.com

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