Young couple devastated after moving into their dream home… only for kitchen to COLLAPSE 24 hours later

A young couple were left utterly devastated when, just hours after moving into their dream home, the entire kitchen collapsed.

Rosie Kennedy, 25, and her partner Chris Brennan, 30, were enjoying a celebratory drink when they felt a rumble beneath their feet. Before they had a chance to dash out of the room the foundations of the newly-fitted kitchen in their semi-detached home caved in leaving terrified Rosie trapped under her brand new cooker.

The shaken pair, who paid £163,000 for the three-bedroom 1930s semi, were taken to hospital with minor injuries but were dealt a double blow when their insurance company Direct Line told them they would not pay for the repairs. The horrified couple were landed with a whopping £24,000 repair bill – the equivalent of £1,000 for every hour they lived in the house.

Stunned Rosie who works as a direct ship manager, said: ‘It was our dream home but it’s turned into an absolute nightmare. It was such a massive shock and really scary. It is the last thing you would expect to happen, especially after just buying the house. The kitchen was in perfect condition with a brilliant large range cooker – and it was one of the reasons we bought the house. The place didn’t need much work doing to it at all. Like every young couple when they buy a house, we used every penny we had to buy it. We have no idea what to do now. We are devastated.’

The day after the collapse, the couple lodged a claim with insurers Direct Line but they have refused to cover the costs of the repairs.

Rosie said: ‘I don’t know why we are not covered because even though the Home Buyers report picked up an issue with the floor it didn’t suggest it would be a problem for us. I feel very angry that we have done everything by the book but are still being left out of pocket. Chris and I bought the house to be a home forever and planned to get married and have kids but that’s all on hold now because we have to pay for the repairs ourselves and we don’t have any money.’

A spokeswoman for Direct Line said: ‘Miss Kennedy has been through a distressing time with her home and we offer our condolences for the strain she has suffered. When Miss Kennedy’s kitchen floor collapsed the day after she moved in, we explained that any inherent building defects were not covered by insurance. We still attended the property to confirm our decision, and indeed Miss Kennedy’s own survey reveals that the concrete floor was not reinforced as it should have been. As a gesture of goodwill, we have arranged four weeks alternative accommodation.’



  1. rosie says:

    This article, taken from the daily mail, is inaccurate – the Daily Mail misquoted me -please see the revised article which correctly states that the Home Buyers Survey, conducted by Connells, assured us there were NO inherent structural problems and did not identify any issue with the kitchen floor. A structural engineer visited after the collapse and said the floor was defective, but had lasted for 85 years, so subsidence/ground movement must’ve triggered the collapse.

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