Cafe where everything is free… except the time spent there

Ziferblat cafe London

First cafe where everything is free, except the time spent there, has been opened in London. All drinks are free, but you pay 3p-per-minute to be there.

It’s about the Russian cafe chain “Ziferblat”. Its owner Ivan Mitin has already opened ten such cafes in Russia and now he decided to promote the idea around the world. According to Ivan, people there feel so relaxed and finally they even wash their dishes.

On entering the cafe guests take an alarm clock and note the time they stay in or set the alarm to notify them. Customers can get coffee, drinks, biscuits, fruits, vegetables, surf the Internet, play the piano or even prepare their own food or coffee in the kitchen.

How would people feel in this cafe? For some of them it may be relaxing, for others – stressful.

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